Explore it - The UQ Indicators Annual Report provides an overview of regional and town-level changes accompanying coal seam gas development in Queensland.  

Consult us - After exploring the website, contact us with questions.  Better yet, ask us to profile a town or region that interest you and your organisation.  We can be engaged as consultants and/or researchers.  We can add information on that locality to this website to enable you to compare trends there with what has been happening in these towns.  That information and insight on your project or community adds to a knowledge base.  Your experiences can then help to refine and extend the insights that this website can offer.  That will help other communities facing rapid change.  

What you get - Our expert team offers you insight on town and regional change processes, cases, and mechanisms.  Our methods are outlined in the UQ Boomtown Toolkit.  We have learned how to make the key decisions needed to use each tool in the Toolkit in an effective way.  We know the tools for a given challenge - whether a business investment decision or mitigating social impacts.  We will establish an assessment, monitoring, and management framework for you.  As a client of our services, you will get to see the login-only sections of the Toolkit.  That enables ongoing monitoring and access to key resources.  Keep up to date on our latest studies.  

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Katherine Witt

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Cente for Social Responsibility in Mining, University of Queensland.

k.witt@uq.edu.au +61 (0) 418 619 341

About the project

This project has been conducted by researchers at the Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining, Sustainable Minerals Institute, The University of Queensland. Funding for the project was provided through the University of Queensland's Centre for Coal Seam Gas (CCSG), which receives funding from the four major coal seam gas projects in Queensland.  More information about CCSG can be found at here.  

The Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining specialises in improving the social performance of the resources sector. We work with industry, government and communities. If you would like to learn more about how the boomtown-toolkit can assist you, and the services offered by our expert researchers, please do not hesitate to contact us using the information above.

This study employed methods developed and knowledge gained from a pilot study - Cumulative socio-economic impacts of coal seam gas development in the Western Downs, a local government area in the heard of Queensland's gasfields region. The pilot study developed the UQ Boomtown Toolkit.  Those tools will be added to as we continue our research in other regions of Queensland. As experts in cumulative impacts assesment in rural towns and specialising in 'boomtown' research, we are pleased to offer our services to communiy leaders and decision makers who may wish to better prepare themselves in order to harness long term benefits from the opportunities presented, while ensuring community wellbeing in a rapid growth situation.

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